Thursday, November 7, 2013

Today Feels Like: Rain

I think these photos pretty much capture the mood around here right now. We have settled into rainy days, hot coffees, warm soups, and fuzzy slippers. I find there is something very peaceful about this time of year. Right before all the holiday hustle, it is like the world takes a breath.
This season also brings a shift in focus to more "nesting" projects. My attentions have been on making big batches of food and freezing them for the days to come, planning holiday fun, and of course knitting. It seems that whenever fall turns over, I dash to my yarn stash and dreams of hand knits fill my thoughts.
As as post scrips I have made a funny discovery this week...apparently when I am doing a Knit stitch I use the English style (of holding the yarn in my right hand) and when I am doing a Purl stitch I use the Continental style (of holding the yarn in my left had).  For any non-knitters out there the Purl stitch is basically the back of the Knit stitch, so to get that cool knitted look-you have to do both stitches. I taught myself to knit many years ago, and I have just figured out my quirk this week. Ummmm Hello!?
In retrospect my teaching myself is probably what led to this inconsistency. So now the question is do I switch my Knit stitch to Continental style (because let's get real- it is just easier) or just roll with what I have been doing for so long?......It makes me wonder what else I am doing backwards. :)
Hoping everyone has a wonderful Autumn day.

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