Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hey Look We Made A Table!

We have been living without a kitchen table for a looooong time, and I really felt like we needed one. Duh! I must have looked for almost a year in local shops, online + craigslist, and just couldn't find the combination of things I was looking for. Finally I was committed to Do It Myself. I found these plans (having no clue how to choose) and with A LOT of help from the hubby, dove right in.
Basically everything about this project was new to me. From the tools, cutting the wood, to finally staining. I had small experiences with a lot of these things, but had never done anything at such a large scale.
I am so pleased with how everything turned out. The table is awesome and I love the stain. We decided to make the table 1 inch taller than the plan specifications, which I am so glad we did. It has been a great height for cooking, making dough, and as a work station. The only problem is finding chairs that are the right height! SO next is a bench to match.
The plans were so easy to follow, and the whole experience has been super rewarding. Now that I have the confidence of this project under my belt, I cannot wait to knock out about a million more (ideas that is, not tables lol).

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