Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Casting On

In the spirit of new things in a new year I have decided to make myself a sweater! This is very exciting for several reasons. Number one I have never followed a knitting pattern...aaaannnd to knit most anything other than a scarf or a pot holder, you kinda need to be able to read a pattern. So after much searching the interweb I found Stefani Japel's Boyfriend Sweater pattern.

So far everything is going smoothly. I have some circular bamboo knitting needles that are by far my favorite to use, they are much easier on my hands and wrists than straight ones. Although I am knitting a cardigan, and not a pull over, I am still using the circular needles making the weight much easier to control as it grows.
I have just taken off the stitches that will eventually make the sleeves, and am working on the back/body. I still am not quite sure how I am going to knit the sleeves...I understand the "magic loop" method in theory, but have never had cause to do it! After that I anticipate my next challenges being the knit ribbing and button holes, both skills also brand new to me.
I do love the purple color of the wool yarn that I chose, and no matter how this looks when I am done, I am gonna have me a warm cuddly sweater.


  1. Good luck! I've been knitting for years but I've yet to try a sweater. I'm just terrified that I'll put in all that time and effort and it will end up not fitting. Not so when that happens with a sock, but a sweater... Anyway, I'm impressed with anyone daring to undertake it.

    1. Thanks Cleio! I have wanted to try forever, but have had the same fears as you....still don't know if it is going to work out, but I have learned a lot so far. I will defiantly post some more pics as I go along. Thanks for checking it out :)