Monday, January 27, 2014

Mehndi Monday Fail

Much like any art, or really anything in life, sometimes you have a major fail.
I love to show off my work when I like it, but I thought it would be good to share some pics of when things go wrong too. This dsign came together quickly and smoothly...until the quickest and slightest of movements smuggled the whole thing.
I have been working on my henna and mehndi designs for several years; and to me, this work is a true reflection of not necessarily artistic talent, but of practice, practice, practice. Because the truth is when I first started working with henna, I was bad. I mean realllly not good. In fact I appreciate those friends that let me tag them in the early days, and who were all gracious enough to only be encouraging....despite some pretty abstract designs. But I learned from my mistakes, and didn't give up.
Now I mostly am proud of what I can produce. But every so often things get wrecked.
Ironically when the henna dried and the stain was reviled, the smudges were not even noticeable!
I think it is hard sometimes when on the surface things seem a complete disaster, to be patient and see the beauty that is revealed underneath. 
Happy Mehndi Monday Everyone!

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